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Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Not too many spoilers, I hope)



By: Elias McMillan

Today is National Superhero Day, so I decided to do the nerdish-thing possible off the heels of seeing “Avengers: Endgame” and give my rankings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’ll promise to try to not have too many spoilers. But really, who HASN’T seen these yet? Right? I dunno. Again. I apologize in advance. Let’s start from the bottom to the top.



  1. Thor: The Dark World – This is one where I legit took a nap in the theater. I remember this one starting out with an epic battle scene but this one easily the worst in the series. The end-credits scene was just Thor returning to Earth to make out with Nat Portman. I remember thinking, “I waited after the credits for that?!”. I know that their were things in the movie that were important to the entire timeline such as the stuff with Thor’s parents and Loki’s “death” (He never dies) and an Infinity Stone. But mainly, it was a forgettable movie.


  1. The Incredible Hulk – This is unfair to have this one 2nd to last. I don’t even think I saw this one in theaters. Maybe it’s because of the actor change in the series from Ed Norton to Mark Ruffalo. The final fight with Abomination was dope though.


  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is based off of goofiness and campiness. So, I understand why people enjoy that stuff so much. In this movie, they really turn that aspect on and it was kinda forced and annoying to me at times.


  1. Captain Marvel – I really wanted to give this one a chance. But I felt that Captain Marvel was mainly pointless. I didn’t hate the movie but it was boring. Brie Lawson was boring. Her character was boring. There was no conflict in this movie. The villain caused no threat. I wish the movie would have explored Brie Lawson’s character on Earth more to make her more interesting. I’ll never buy into the plot device that Captain Marvel leaves for 30 years and when the “snap” happens, Sam Jackson, randomly had a pager on TOP of his duffle bag, ready to contact her. 30 YEARS LATER? It was just sitting there? It just came off as a random plot device. Because Marvel wanted to make $500 million on a female-led movie similar to Wonder Woman. Which is cool to me. I support the pro-female led theme in the movie. But mainly, it was boring. The post-credits scene was literally a cat puking.


  1. Iron Man 3 – Most Marvel fans reacted negatively to this one when released but as time has gone on; they have changed their tune. I remember the trailers leading up to this one were epic because everyone was excited about seeing the powers and how they would pull off of the “Ten Rings” and the ever-popular villain “The Mandarin”. Instead, we got a joke Mandarin, a revenge story stolen from “The Incredibles”, and campy comedy plot devices that were over done.


  1. Avengers: Age of Ultron – Out of the Avengers series this one was the weakest. At the end of the day, it was the Avengers just fighting robots for two hours. Looked cool. The performances and comedy weren’t bad. We needed Vision to be introduced. And it set up the events for Civil War. Why introduce Quick Silver and immediately kill him off?


  1. Doctor Strange – The visuals in this movie made the movie. I felt that Dr. Strange didn’t really “learn” or that he “learned” alittle too quickly. He was a jerk and after the story, he still kept that “I’m better than you” attitude. Again, the visuals were dope and I really like the end-credits scene with Mordo.


  1. Guardians of the Galaxy – Enjoyable, campy family movie with a cool soundtrack. I understand why this one would probably be higher on other lists. It was just a little corny for my liking. The ending with the dance-off. Ugh. C’mon man.


  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming – This one will probably lead the future of the new-MCU. It wasn’t a bad movie but ultimately, I’m not a big fan of the direction of this new Spider-Man. I’m probably biased because I’m forever loyal to the two Sam Raimi films. But I hate how sloppy this Spider-Man is. I know that they are trying to sell that he is a kid but I hate how loose he is with his identity. The action and villain and the story were all really great and all. And I was legit excited to see Spidy included in the MCU universe.


  1. Ant-Man and the Wasp – Not as good as the first one but enjoyable one to watch after the events of Infinity War. And that post-credits scene………..


  1. Thor – Maybe I should have this one higher because Thor is one of the original characters in this universe. But that not a mark on how good of a movie it was. I like the Foo Fighters song they used too.


  1. Iron Man 2 – People usually rank this one lower than Iron Man 3 and I’ll never understand why. This is one that I always leave on if it airs on FX or whatever. Loved the introduction of Black Widow. Sam Rockwell killed it. People hate on the Whiplash villain but I didn’t mind him. War Machine was awesome. The shootout scene in the garden with the drones is probably my favorite in the entire series.


  1. Thor: Ragnarok – After the disaster that was “The Dark World”, director Taika Waititi really pulled off a fun movie and made every love Thor again. The bright world that was created, the return of the Hulk, and Tessa Thompson shined as Valkyrie.


  1. Ant-Man – What made Ant-Man so great is that no one could have expected them to make a good super hero movie from someone not considered a major character from the MCU. Ant-Man was a fun, heist film. The Michael Pena scene stole the show. Paul Rudd proved to be a great fit. Really the cast and the plot were all surprisingly good.


  1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – On first view, I didn’t like the whole “Hydra was hiding under Shield’s nose” storyline. I just didn’t but it or thought that Nick Fury and the good guys would be smarter to realize what was going on. But the movie as a whole was one of the strongest in the MCU. Solid action. The elevator scene was top notch. Black Falcon even proved to be a solid addition.


  1. Black Panther – This one should probably be higher. Black Panther provided a great origin story that was relatable to today. Great action. Great villain. Loved seeing Andy Serkis having so fun wit his character. Black Panther also featured probably one the strongest cast in the entire series. Angela Basset, Forest Whitaker, Winston Duke. Really all the female characters killed it. Great soundtrack. People try to complain about the final fight scene or the CGI or how it probably shouldn’t have been nominated for a Best Picture award. But the bottom line is that was just a really good movie. Wakanda Forever!


  1. Captain America: The First Avenger – In the same line as Black Panther, the first Captain America was the quintessential Marvel film that really continued to set the tone for the MCU. Great origin story. Excellent CGI. The old school feel of it. I wish Hugo Weaving had stuck on as Red Skull though. Tommy Lee Jones was also awesome in this.


  1. Captain America: Civil War – The airport scene. Giant-man. The debut of new Spider-Man. Almost forgot that Black Panther also debuted in this movie. A solid addition to the Captain America series that featured so many iconic images ripped from the comic books.


  1. Iron Man – The very first film in the series that set the tone for the entire franchise.


  1. The Avengers – Not sure what to say about the movie that ended Phase One of the MCU. But because of the superhero team-up movie was never done so well before, this one definitely deserves to be in the Top 3.


  1. Avengers: Infinity War – After the events of Thor: Ragnarok, this is the film where the MCU finally “gets to the real stuff”.


  1. Avengers: Endgame – No spoilers here. Just see the movie if you haven’t already. I’ll say this though, I knew going in, after Infinity War that the “happy endings” would happen here. But I was unbothered. By everything. Because Marvel absolutely pulled it off. Just go see the movie. I was completely enthralled during the movie. I couldn’t believe my facial expressions. I don’t think it was because of the medications I was on. I loved the heist aspect in the movie. The emotional scenes. Everything, man. As much as I hated on how boring and convenient the Captain Marvel character was to me, she didn’t even bother me. She did her thing. And it was awesome. The entire thing was AWESOME. MARVEL NAILED IT. SEE THE FILM. THE END. NO SPOILERS.