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NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl LI Prediction!

Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show Press Conference

“I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk awaaaaaaaaaaaaay….”


By: Elias McMillan

Conference Championships: 0-2

Playoffs: 4-6

Super Bowl 51 from NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas

New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, or Lady Gaga as you may know her, has had a long road to music super stardom. Early in her life, music was a huge part of who she was and who she eventually wanted to be. She began to play the piano at the young age of four and was playing open mics around NYC by the time she was 14. At 17, she was allowed early admission into the top school for the arts at NYU. Two years later, she dropped out of NYU to focus on finding her sound as a professional musician. After creating a cult like following in the NYC Underground music scene, she was signed and then quickly dropped from Def Jam. The experience was heartbreaking but it encouraged her to begin experimenting further with her sound as a performer and with her overall image. Soon after, she found herself on an imprint of Interscope Records where R&B superstar, Akon, recognized her abilities and featured her vocals on one of his albums. Akon then told Interscope executives that Gaga had the potential to be a “franchise player” and a year later, her debut album began production.

“The Fame” debuted in August of 2008 and included mega dance-pop hits like Just “Dance”, “Poker Face”, “LoveGame”, & “Paparazzi”. The debut was a monster success for Gaga who went on to win multiple awards at the Grammys. “The Fame” was named one of the 100 Greatest Debut Albums by Rolling Stone magazine. A year later, “The Fame” was reissued as “The Fame Monster” and included new hits like “Bad Romance” & “Telephone” featuring Beyoncé.

Gaga’s official second LP was “Born This Way” and it proved to be an excellent follow up to her debut. The electric rock & techno influenced record continued Gaga’s streak of massive hits with songs like the title single “Born This Way”, and “The Edge of Glory”.

Gaga’s third studio album “ArtPop” featured hits “Applause” and “Do What U Want” featuring R. Kelly but was considered lackluster by many music critics. Soon after that release, she left her long time manager and began a new chapter to her career. She collaborated with long time friend and music legend Tony Bennett and released “Cheek to Cheek”. The joint album reintroduced Bennett to a younger audience and was received well by critics, winning at the Grammys that year.

After exploring some ventures in front of the camera as an actress, Gaga returned with a brand new album last October. “Joanne” was released as a much softer version of Gaga’s previous’ works but still featured her incredible vocal ability and her unique sound that creates hit records. Singles “Perfect Illusion” and “Million Reasons” have already shot to the top of the charts and now, Gaga is preparing for her biggest and greatest stage yet, the Super Bowl 51 halftime show.

Prediction: Patriots 34 – Falcons 24


Super Bowl XLIX Prediction!


Katy Perry will easily be the fan favorite nation wide on Sunday.

By: Elias McMillan

Conference Championships: 1-1

Playoffs: 7-3

Super Bowl XLIX from University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona

New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks

Katy Perry rose up to the top of the pop music scene in 2008 with her first single “I Kissed a Girl”. That would be just the beginning of a career that would see Perry become one of the biggest, most selling pop artists in the last 7 years. Oh. Did you think I would be breaking down the matchups between the Patriots and the Seahawks? Naw. Sorry. Ok. Maybe later. But lets be real, who wants to talk about either of these teams in the Super Bowl outside of Boston and Seattle? In terms of national appeal, Katy Perry is probably the more interesting and most popular figure performing on Sunday. So, yeah. Later for all that football talk. Time for some more about Ms. Katy Perry and the halftime show.

Katy Perry has been included in the Forbes list of top-earning women in music for four straight years now. Throughout her career, Perry has sold over 11 million albums and 81 million singles worldwide. That’s impressive but not all that surprising once you run down her long list of hit records. Hot n Cold, Waking Up in Vegas, Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night, California Gurls, Firework, E.T., Part of Me, Roar, Birthday, and Dark Horse. That’s a murders row of hit records that have ripped and rampaged through the Billboard top pop music charts in the last 7-8 years. The only other female artists that can rival her success in that same time period would be Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. That’s really good company to be in. And now, this Sunday night will be the pinnacle of her career as she will perform in front of a sold out stadium with over 100 million watching worldwide. With Lenny Kravitz by her side, its going to be exciting to see what song she opens with, which of her hit records will be in the set list, and which surprise artists will join her on stage. The rumors surrounding that last point are at an all-time high now with names like Kanye West, Missy Elliott, and Juicy J being mentioned. Two more things to consider going into this historic halftime performance by Katy Perry: will she debut a new song and how many wardrobe changes she will go through during the performance. Oh yeah, there’s also going to be a football game sandwiched around the concert, which is kind of weird but hey.

“Last Friday Night” (Well, almost Friday night really), the Patriots held a press conference to discuss the ongoing controversy that is “Deflate Gate”. I feel that every second spent thinking about “Deflate Gate” by New England has hurt their preparation for this game vs. Seattle. The controversy has been way over blown from the start and is pretty much a non-factor. If people want to seriously discredit the achievements of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady once their careers are over then so be it. Let idiots be idiots. I see the Patriots offense performing well on Sunday. Seattle’s strength is their defense but they aren’t nearly as dominant as they were last season. They are vulnerable against the run and key members of the “Legion of Boom” are fighting injuries going into this game. New England is the type of team that blatantly looks for any advantage to take so I can see them attacking this defense from the start to set the tone. Seattle can still bring pressure up front so protecting Brady will be key for New England. Getting the ball to TE Rob Gronkowski will get the Patriots to light up the scoreboard like “Fireworks”. Defenders trying to tackle Gronk often feel like “Waking Up in Vegas” afterwards. Are these Katy Perry puns doing anything for you? People in the media might not understand Seahawks RB Marshall Lynch and try to paint him as an “E.T.” But Lynch is just simply a football player and he will be key for Seattle’s success on Sunday. New England is short handed at the LB position and they are known for their struggles stopping the run. I can see Russell Wilson and the Seattle rushing attack playing ball control football, keeping Brady on the bench, and hammering this Patriots defense. I don’t like the matchup between Seattle’s receivers and the New England secondary. Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner are two of the league’s best corners. Seattle’s group of receivers are under rated but I’m learning that the term “under rated” really means “not that good”. Doug Baldwin can continue to have these “Teenage Dreams” about being an elite receiver in this league but he is simply not. I think Wilson will be able to get around New England’s pass rush and make some plays outside of the pocket on Sunday. But more importantly, this game will be about Lynch imposing his will in the 4th quarter. Beast Mode will most definitely “Roar” as he will make the difference in this game and earn MVP honors. It will feel like Pete Carroll’s “Birthday” as the confetti and “the big, big balloons” fall upon the field when the clock reaches triple zero. Prediction: Seahawks 31 – Patriots 24