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NFL 2016: Week 4 Predictions!


Will the return of Le’Veon Bell lift the Steelers offense on Sunday night?

By: Elias McMillan


Last Week: 9-7

Season: 29-19

Big Five Games of the Week

Buffalo @ New England – The Bills looked really bad in Week 2. So last week against a much better Arizona team, they were able to pull out all the stops and score a big home victory. Buffalo will look to ride that momentum into New England on Sunday as they take on the Patriots. New England can do no wrong currently. Despite all of the personnel losses on both sides of the ball, they are 3-0. You have to be impressed to see their defense playing at the level that it is right now. But that defense really hasn’t been pressed by a good offense this season. Buffalo may not be a complete offense right now but they can do one thing very well: run the football. I think Buffalo will be successful in the run game on Sunday rather if it’s LeSean McCoy doing the damage or QB Tyrod Taylor. The starting QB for New England this week remains a mystery. Buffalo has plenty of defensive woes right now but no coach knows Bill Belichick’s offense better than Rex Ryan. I think the Ryan brothers are going to have a good game plan this week against a Patriots offense that can really only run the ball successfully. New England will be looking forward to the return of Tom Brady next week. This week, they will be shocked and upset at home to the underdog Bills. Prediction: Bills 32 – Patriots 21

Seattle @ New York Jets – Russell Wilson suffered a knee injury last week but he is planning to play through it. I think this will prove to be a bad decision going up against the Jets on the road this week. Wilson already is dealing with shaky offensive line play and his week, that line will face a powerful, disruptive Jets front four on defense. The Jets took their lumps last week on the road but this week they will be the ones handing out the lumps. Everyone was no hard on Ryan Fitzpatrick last week. And maybe for good reason. It’s never good to throw SIX interceptions in one game. But on the other hand, Kansas City’s defense is really good. Fitzpatrick will face another good defense this week in the Seahawks. I think Fitz will be helped out this week by his defense. The Jets will play ball control football with the defense getting stops and the offense taking advantage of the extra opportunities to score. New York will be without Eric Decker and that might hurt them in the passing game. But Seattle has a rep of being a weaker team on the road. I’m taking the Jets in an upset. Prediction: Jets 21 – Seahawks 20

Oakland @ Baltimore – The Ravens are the 3-0 team that no one is talking about. Probably because they haven’t beaten anyone of significance. But beating teams that you are suppose to beat will go a long ways in terms to getting into the post season. Baltimore just has to keep on trucking along until they face a great challenge. And then, we will see how good they really are. I also haven’t seen them play a lot this season so far. I know that it helps that Joe Flacco is back. Their running game is a mystery to me. Baltimore is getting decent play out of their receivers. And their defense is currently ranked 2nd in the league. The Raiders gutted out a tough victory last week on the road but they’ll have a harder time this week in Baltimore. Derek Carr and the Raiders offense will be a great test for Baltimore’s defense. Oakland’s defense played its best game last week but that unit has mostly been a disappointment in this season. There is a great chance that Flacco will have his best performance of the season this Sunday if he is able to stay away from the Raiders pass rush. Prediction: Ravens 26 – Raiders 17

Kansas City @ Pittsburgh – What happened to Pittsburgh last week, no one saw coming. Giving up 34 points to a rookie QB? Sure, I could see that. But only putting up 3 points on offense? I didn’t know that the Eagles defense was that good. Maybe they are not. Maybe the Steelers just had an off day offensively. But if Philadelphia’s defense was able to play that well, what will happen this Sunday night in Pittsburgh when the Chiefs come to town? As we saw last week, Kansas City’s defense is really good and they will force turnovers. They are tough to run on and they have a good secondary. Ben Roethlisberger is coming off of two straight weeks of lackluster performances. I know he will bounce back as he always does but it will be hard for him this week against the Chiefs defense. I think the return of Le’Veon Bell for the Steelers will greatly affect Pittsburgh’s chances on Sunday. Kansas City has a tough defensive line but Bell can be used it so many different ways on offense. It will be hard for the Chiefs to key on Bell and DeAngelo Williams. Pittsburgh’s defense takes a lot of heat but this week, I believe that match up well against Kansas City’s offense. Jamaal Charles might be making his season debut on Sunday night but Pittsburgh still has a highly ranked run defense. QB Alex Smith will be asked to do more that usual in this matchup but that may not be a bad thing for the Chiefs. I’ve said before that Smith is underrated and he’ll have a chance to look much better than what he really is against the Steelers secondary. Pittsburgh will be looking for the chance to rebound after a bad performance last week and they will really want this one at home. It will be close but I’m taking the home team. Le’Veon Bell will make the big play late in this game to clinch a victory for the home team. Prediction: Steelers 25 – Chiefs 23

New York Giants @ Minnesota – I love what Minnesota is doing right now. They lose their starting QB, RB and left tackle but they are still winning ball games. How? Look at their defense. Sacking the QB, creating pressure, causing turnovers. And they are doing it with talent that they drafted. Other teams in the league need to look at Minnesota as an example. Having a decent defense can overcome shortcomings on offense. Plus, you have to bring in high priced free agents to improve defensively. Minnesota drafted top talent on defense and it is starting to pay off. The Giants have been disappointing so far this season. Their defense is improved but the offense is struggling to put up the numbers that everyone thought they would. I think that offense will continue its struggles on the road in Minnesota this Monday night. The way Eli Manning threw that game away late last week was kind of embarrassing. Manning is going to have another tough go at it this week against the Vikings defense. I think the Giants defense will be able to keep New York in the game but they wont win it for them. It will be up to Eli Manning to solve the Vikings defense late in the game in front of a raucous Minnesota crowd. I like the home team. Prediction: Vikings 29 – Giants 24

The Rest of Week 4

Bengals over Dolphins – Miami tried their best to lose to Cleveland at home last week. They are having a tough go at it. Cincinnati better take care of business in this one.

Colts over Jaguars – I feel sorry for anyone who is planning to get up early to watch this one being played in London. Jacksonville was supposed to be everyone’s sleeper team. What happened?

Panthers over Falcons – Good news for Cam Newton: he won’t be facing the Minnesota defense this week. This will be a good game but Carolina’s defense will be the difference.

Lions over Bears – Chicago is sad. But at least their fans can troll Detroit fans about the MLB Playoffs?

Washington over Browns – Terrelle Pryor will have another strong performance but Cleveland will still lose. Expect that to be the theme in Cleveland for the rest of the season. If I were a Browns fan, I would be watching Louisville/Clemson very closely on Saturday night.

Texans over Titans – J.J. Watt is out for the season but Houston will rally and beat a tough Tennessee team at home.

Broncos over Buccaneers – Trevor Siemien is playing better each week. So much for a Super Bowl hangover. Denver is looking really good right now.

Cardinals over Rams – Arizona will be ready to rebound from a disastrous trip to Buffalo. If the Rams keep winning, we can make fun of their move to LA anymore. That’s no fun. C’mon Arizona!

Chargers over Saints – Drew Brees said that he was looking forward to playing his old team. Phillip Rivers will be looking forward to playing against the Saints defense.

49ers over Cowboys – Here’s an upset. San Francisco will give Dallas the tough game that Chicago didn’t give them last week. San Fran isn’t really good but the Cowboys defense will make Blaine Gabbert look much better than he really is.

Week 4 Fantasy Football Picks

QB: Joe Flacco (Ravens) – The Raiders give up the most yards in the air on defense. Flacco will air it out at home this week.

RB: Todd Gurley (Rams) – Arizona couldn’t stop the run last week. LA will use Gurley to their advantage this week.

WR: Marvin Jones (Lions) – Jones is turning into the breaking out player in the Lions offense so far this season.

TE: Dennis Pitta (Ravens) – Pitta is catching a lot of passes so far this season but he has yet to score a TD. Expect that to change this week.

DEF: New York Jets – I like the Jets defense this week against a banged up Russell Wilson.



NFL 2016: Week 3 Predictions!



Josh Norman may be looking forward to another shot at Odell Beckham Jr but his Washington team is still looking forward to their first victory in 2016.


By: Elias McMillan


Last Week: 11-5

Season: 20-12

Big Five Games of the Week

Houston @ New England – The Texans are 2-0 but in those two victories, they really haven’t been overly impressive. New England is dealing with some serious issues at the QB position going into tonight’s game. But New England has been missing some important pieces of that offense all season and it hasn’t stopped them from winning games. I don’t know how well Jacoby Brissett will perform tonight but I think we can count on this veteran Patriots team rallying behind him and doing what is necessary in order to be successful. Brissett will have a good running game to lean on tonight as LeGarrette Blount is running as well as anyone right now. Houston has a good defense and they’ll provide quite a test for the rookie QB taking his first professional snaps tonight. On paper, New England doesn’t have a strong defense but so far this season, they haven’t been exposed. That defensive unit will continue to do just enough to not lose games for the offense. I don’t see Brock Osweiler being the QB to really stretch out the New England secondary. The Patriots will have their hands full with DeAndre Hopkins though. Houston will need a strong game tonight from their defensive line. J.J. Watt is starting to get healthier and he needs to start producing at the high level that he is used to. I think Houston’s defense will be the tone setter tonight and they will give Osweiler the chance to win this game on the road. But it just seems that Bill Belichick can do no wrong this season no matter who is available to play. TE Rob Gronkowski might miss his third straight game this season but Martellus Bennett is coming off his most productive outing this season. I think the “no excuses” approach from the Patriots will continue to breed success tonight in front of a raucous home crowd. Prediction: Patriots 21 – Texans 20

Denver @ Cincinnati – The Bengals were underwhelming again against Pittsburgh last week and I think they’ll have a tougher time this week at home against the reigning Super Bowl Champion Broncos. Denver has been apart of a couple of interesting games to start the season. Each time, the offense has done enough to keep the team’s chances at victory afloat. And each time again, the defense has come up huge in the 4th quarter. Trevor Siemian isn’t lighting up the scoreboard but he is doing the little things right and he isn’t making big enough mistakes that could turn the game the other way. Siemian has a great support system around him with the skill players at RB and WR. That veteran presence is going along way in developing Siemian into a success in his young NFL career. But for Denver, it is more about the defense. Von Miller is playing out of his mind right now. DeMarcus Ware will miss about a month due to injury but this is why the Broncos took Shane Ray in the first round last season. Denver’s defense will continue its dominance on Sunday against the Bengals. Andy Dalton will find it hard to get into a rhythm against the Broncos defense. A.J. Green wasn’t targeted enough last week in Pittsburgh and he might find it tough again this week against the Denver secondary. Cincinnati’s defense is underrated in my mind but I don’t see them making enough big plays like they did in the past when they had Reggie Nelson. I’m taking the road team. Prediction: Broncos 23 – Bengals 17

Washington @ New York Giants – Washington was able to win the NFC East last year. Now, they are currently 0-2 and facing an improved, undefeated New York Giants team on the road this Sunday. The Giants are playing well to start the season and Washington will be desperately looking for their first victory of the season. But the real hype behind this game is the matchup between Odell Beckham Jr and Josh Norman. OBJ and Norman got into it multiple times when they faced each other last season. The officials will have a better look at that this time around so the fireworks will probably be at the minimal. Even without the extra stuff (fighting, punching, wrestling, etc.), the matchup between OBJ and Norman is exciting because we are seeing to players opposite each other playing at the top of their games. Norman may not shadow “Number one” receivers often but we saw last week against Dallas how he can affect games in multiple ways. Norman is a physical defender who doesn’t back down and he will be hard for any Giants receiver to deal with on Sunday. This is important because Washington will have to worry about multiple receivers on Sunday. Victor Cruz is healthy and looking like his old self. Rookie Sterling Shepard is coming off his best day as a pro. Eli Manning is playing with his deepest WR core in a while. Washington’s defense will have a long day if they cant rattle Manning. QB Kirk Cousins has been struggling this season so far and he’ll be facing a much-improved Giants defense. I don’t like Washington’s chances at all in this game. They will go to 0-3. Prediction: Giants 34 – Washington 21

New York Jets @ Kansas City – The Chiefs took their lumps on the road in Houston last week. I think they will be ready to get back on track this week at home against the Jets. New York is coming off a Thursday night victory so they will be rested. But despite that, they are pretty banged up at key positions. WR Brandon Marshall may not play. Last week, QB Ryan Fitzpatrick had a field day throwing the ball against the Bills secondary. Fitzpatrick will not have it so easy this week as Kansas City’s defense will be much harder to throw on. The Chiefs defense usually plays at a high level at home and they will limit New York’s chances at creating big plays. The Jets defense will create a tough challenge for Andy Reid’s offense as well. New York’s front seven is physical up front, they get after the QB, and they are tough to run against. RB Jamaal Charles might make his return this week but the Chiefs are going to have to find creative ways to get him involved. If they plan to run Charles right into the teeth of the Jets defensive line, he is going to have a long day. Last week, everyone was talking about how bad the Bills secondary was. But in that same game, the Jets secondary also looked mighty suspect. Many may sleep on QB Alex Smith, but I think he will be able to do things with his arm and legs this Sunday. This could be a close one and because of that, I’ll give the advantage to the home team. Arrowhead Stadium is just one of those unique home field advantages in this league. Prediction: Chiefs 25 – Jets 20

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia – All aboard the Carson Wentz hype train! But seriously, everyone needs to calm down. Wentz has been apart of 2 victories so far in his NFL career but he plays in Philadelphia and he played last week in primetime. So, that explains most of the hype. I’ve watched highlights of Wentz and he isn’t exactly lighting up the league. Wentz has done the little things. He is making the right throws and the right decisions. He still has a ways to go. But Philadelphia is so thirsty for some football success that the fans are ready to crown him right now. Wentz and the Eagles need slapped back down to earth. Enter the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh doesn’t have the dominant defense like they’ve had in the past but they will create a better challenge for Wentz than Cleveland and Chicago. That’s for sure. One thing that has been an advantage for Wentz and the Eagles offense is that they haven’t been in a situation where they had to score a lot in order to win. Cleveland and Chicago definitely weren’t putting the pressure of Philly’s offense to produce big time numbers. The Steelers offense will do just that. Pittsburgh is able to control the game on offense with their passing game and running game. The Steelers are pretty good upfront and they’ll create a good challenge for Fletcher Cox and the Eagles defensive line. RB DeAngelo Williams is playing extremely well right now and the Eagles will have to key on what Pittsburgh can do as a running football team at the same time being aware of what they can do in the air. The Eagles secondary is still a weak spot on their defense and Ben Roethlisberger should be able to take advantage. If the Eagles cant get to Roethlisberger, there will be nothing stopping Antonio Brown from making the big, game defining plays. Wentz mania may be running wild in Philly right now but I expect the Steelers to put a stop to all of that at least for one week. Prediction: Steelers 29 – Eagles 17

The Rest of Week 3

Cardinals over Bills – Buffalo’s defense is shorthanded and they can’t stop anyone. I don’t see how Rex and his idiot brother will survive this season. It’s a shame because I really like Rex as a head coach. That defense needs to get better but it wont anytime soon.

Packers over Lions – Detroit fell apart late last week. They are banged up and they will be facing a Packers team at home looking to put their fans doubts to rest.

Titans over Raiders – I thought Oakland would have a strong defense this season. They are currently ranked dead last in the league in that department. I like the way Tennessee fought their way back into last week’s game.

Dolphins over Browns – We are still in September and Cleveland is already a dumpster fire. Miami has fought hard in their two losses to start the season. They’ll roll big time at home.

Panthers over Vikings – Minnesota is dealing with a lot of injuries but so is Carolina. Cam Newton will probably be the best running threat on the field on Sunday.

Ravens over Jaguars – What happened to Jacksonville being the sleeper team this season? Baltimore hasn’t been so impressive for a team that hasn’t lost yet. But the Jags have been so underwhelming so far this season. This one is a toss up.

Seahawks over 49ers – Losing to the Rams should be inexcusable for this Seattle team. If they lose this one at home to San Fran, it may be time for everyone to chill on the Russell Wilson bandwagon.

Buccaneers over Rams – The Rams play Seattle hard. I get it. This week, they’ll return to their regularly scheduled programming.

Chargers over Colts – San Diego can run the ball now. Indy is starting the drop like flies already. I’m taking the Bolts on the road for the small upset.

Cowboys over Bears – It’s been awhile since Dallas has won at home but against this wounded Chicago team, they should have no excuses.

Falcons over Saints – New Orleans usually shows up big in these prime time matchups but I’m taking Atlanta because their defense isn’t as bad as their opponent’s. RIP Shawty Lo.

Week 3 Fantasy Football Picks

QB: Marcus Mariota (Titans) – Oakland gives up the most in the air defensively so far this season. I think Mariota could have himself a big game.

RB: C.J. Anderson (Broncos) – Cincinnati has given up the most yards in the run game so far this season. Anderson has been an important piece for the Broncos offense.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals) – Buffalo’s secondary has been so bad this season. Fitzgerald is making a big play for this Arizona offense each week so far. That will continue on the road this week.

TE: Jacob Tamme (Falcons) – Tamme has been consistent for the first two games of this season. Against the Saints secondary, Matt Ryan should be able to find him down the field for some huge gains.

DEF: Carolina – Minnesota might become one dimensional without Adrian Peterson. Even if they had Peterson, Carolina is tough against the run. If Bradford is forced to sling it while playing catch up, Carolina will rack up multiple turnovers.

Elias McMillan’s 2015 NFL MOCK Draft!


USC’s Leonard Williams might prove to be the safest pick in this years NFL Draft.

By: Elias McMillan

The NFL Draft process is long and tedious. Its fun to guess and speculate but the truth is that no one knows the process of thinking for the teams drafting until the actual draft happens. This is also why the draft process is kinda fun for me. The mystery of the whole thing makes it fun to research and watch highlight tapes on Youtube. Once again, I’ve mocked the first two rounds of the NFL Draft and my research this year has been just as intensive as last year. Or maybe not. Well anyways, Tampa Bay, you are on the Clock…..


1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State: Tampa Bay is guaranteed to take a QB with its first overall pick in this draft. And it is easy to see that Jameis Winston is the top QB in this draft class. Tampa Bay has numerous reasons to take him first on Thursday night. Winston is a big athlete with a big arm. He was a great on the field general during his college career and he offers a playmaking ability that other QBs in this draft just don’t have. Unfortunately, Winston has a lot of growing up to do on and off the field. I think Tampa Bay would be an ideal situation for him in both situations. Off the field, Winston would be close to his college home and his actual home town. The Bucs already have veteran leadership in place ready to bring him up to speed on life in the NFL. On the field as a passer, Tampa has two big studs at WR (Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans) that can help stretch the field. Having those two options will definitely help Winston succeed and help Tampa get the most out of this first overall pick.

2. Tennessee Titans – Leonard Williams, DT, USC: Leonard Williams is a physical disruptor at the defensive tackle position. Williams offers the best combo of size, strength, and speed out of any other defensive tackle in this draft. Tennessee was one of the worst at defending the run last season and adding Williams would help improve those numbers in 2015. Tennessee could go with a QB at this pick but head coach Ken Whisenhunt has a recent track record of not doing so well with young QB prospects (Matt Leinart, Jake Locker). I think Tennessee will either trade this pick to a QB-needy team or they will just take one of the safer picks in this draft in Leonard Williams.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Dante Fowler Jr., DE, Florida: This pick is about getting younger on the defensive line. Jacksonville actually had a decent pass rush last season but they do have aging vets at the defensive end. Fowler is a home state product and is athletic freak of nature. He has great size and versatility along with the ideal speed for a edge rusher.

4. Oakland Raiders – Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama: Amari Cooper from Alabama has been one of the top receiving prospects in college for a while it feels like. His production at Alabama is unmatched when put next to any other receiver in this draft. Cooper is a technician as a route runner and has great blazing speed in the open field. Cooper isn’t a big bodied, athletic freak at WR like a Calvin Johnson or Dez Bryant. Cooper compares more like to a Marvin Harrison or a Antonio Brown type of player. Outside of Leonard Williams, Cooper might be a safe bet for having a long productive pro career.

5. Washington Redskins – Vic Beasley, OLB, Clemson: Vic Beasley’s reputation as a top pass rusher in college has been known for a while now at Clemson. He would be an ideal replacement for Brian Orakpo in Washington at pick number five. Beasley is probably the best at getting around offensive tackles with great speed out of anyone in this draft. His supreme pass rushing skills will make him a hot commodity on Thursday night.

6. New York Jets – Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon: I think the Jets organization has seen enough of Geno Smith. The guy had his chances but he simply can’t be a starter in this league. I’m not real high on Marcus Mariota as a pro prospect and he actually compares greatly to a Geno Smith type of player in college. West Virginia and Oregon both run that gimmicky, spread, fast break type passing offense that doesn’t translate well in the pros. Those offenses simplify passing lanes that are not usually available in a pro-type situation. But I think Mariota has a much higher ceiling that Smith. Mariota is a really good athlete that can excel outside of the pocket. He doesn’t have the arm strength that Jameis Winston has be he can still be a successful passer in this league. Mariota was one of the most efficient QB’s in the history of Oregon. Mariota might be a bit of a project but the Jets need an upgrade at QB badly. If Mariota doesn’t go in the top 6, he might be in for a long Thursday night.

7. Chicago Bears – Kevin White, WR, West Virginia: Kevin White doesn’t fit the mold of a typical receiver out of WVU. White is huge athlete with top end speed. White is an ideal prospect to end up as a number one receiver in a pro style offense. He has great size, speed, and he can rise up and make catches as a red zone threat. The Bears are WR-needy because they traded Brandon Marshall away. White would be a great fit and paired with Alshon Jeffery, they’ll form one of the top receiving duos in football.

8. Atlanta Falcons – Alvin Dupree, DE, Kentucky: Alvin Dupree is one of the most interesting prospects in this draft. Dupree is one of those prospects who has started to raise up in the rankings because of the combine and his pro day. Dupree was actually a really good player in college and compares well to Florida’s Dante Fowler. Like Fowler, Dupree is a versatile athlete that has the size to play defensive end in a 4-3 defense and the outside speed to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. The Falcons have had one of the worst pass rushes in football for two seasons now. Dupree is a guy that could come in and be a day one starter for Atlanta.

9. New York Giants – Brandon Scherff, OG/OT, Iowa: Brandon Scherff will probably be the first offensive lineman taken on Thursday night. Scherff is a mountain of a man with great strength. The Giants need help in the interior of their offensive line and they had one of the lower ranked rushing offenses last season. Scherff would be a great help in pass protection but more importantly, he would help the Giants rushing attack.

10. St. Louis Rams – La’el Collins, OT, LSU: I know that the Rams took a offensive tackle last season but they did have one of their starters retire recently. La’el Collins’ claim to fame is that he had great showings when he has gone up against the top pass rushers in the SEC. The Rams have a questionable situation at the QB position and adding more protection would definitely help who ever ends up with the starting job.

11. Minnesota Vikings – DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville: For whatever reason, Cordarrelle Patterson had a down season in his sophomore year at receiver for the Vikings. Minnesota also added speedster Mike Wallace at the receiver position in the offseason. Despite that move, Minnesota is without a true outside threat at the WR position. Deviant Parker is one of the top receiving prospects in this draft and he is also familiar with starting QB, Teddy Bridgewater. Parker has great length and could really stretch the field in this offense. He compares to a poor man’s A.J. Green.


Washington’s Danny Shelton could be a run stuffer for years to come in the NFL.

12. Cleveland Browns – Danny Shelton, DT, Washington: This would be a dream come true for Cleveland. Shelton is one of the top defensive tackles in this draft and he is worthy of a top ten selection on Thursday night. Shelton has tremendous size and is set to become a mainstay for whatever team takes him in the draft. Shelton would be ideal for Cleveland as they had of the worst run defenses in football last season. Shelton could develop into a Vince Wilfork type of player as a pro. Along with great size, Shelton is athletic for a guy his size, he can push the pocket and pressure QB’s and will be a major disruptor on the defensive line.

13. New Orleans Saints – Randy Gregory, OLB, Nebraska: Randy Gregory is another defensive prospect that probably should be taken in the top ten but he will fall short of that for different reasons than Shelton. Gregory is a play making, pass rushing specialist who will be a great help for any 3-4 defense. Unfortunately, Gregory has some off the field issues that may cause him to drop in this draft. Once Gregory has his off the field issues behind him, he could develop into a great pro player. People are concerned about his size as he does need to bulk up. However, if you watch his film, Gregory plays bigger than he actually is and reminds me of Dolphins legend Jason Taylor. New Orleans needs a lot of help of the defensive side of the ball and drafting Gregory here would help with that process.

14. Miami Dolphins – Breshad Perriman, WR, Central Florida: Even without Mike Wallace, Miami already has a decent receiving core. But they still need to get younger at that position. Breshad Perriman has great size and speed and could even help Miami as a returner. Miami need to add more receiving talent around QB Ryan Tannehill who is coming off a career year. Perriman could develop into one of Tannehill’s favorite deep threats.

15. San Francisco 49ers – Trea Waynes, CB, Michigan State: The 49ers need to get younger in the secondary. They lost a couple of vets at the cornerback position and Trea Waynes is the top corner in this draft. Wayne has great instincts and play making ability.

16. Houston Texans – Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Oklahoma: The Texans are in need of an outside receiving threat now that Andre Johnson was sent packing. Doral Green-Beckham has plenty of off the field “red flags” but he might be worth the risk for Houston at pick 16. Green-Beckham is one of the biggest receivers in this draft class but he is also one of the most athletic. Green-Beckham is a guy who could become an intimidating force in the Texans passing game.

17. San Diego Chargers – Shane Ray, OLB, Missouri: The Chargers have been missing a legit pass rushing presence for a while now. Shane Ray is one of the top pass rushers in the draft and would be a great fit in San Diego’s 3-4 defense. Ray is a relentless pass rusher who is as tough as they come. Ray has had a tough up bringing and his blue collar mentality will make him a fan favorite in San Diego.

18. Kansas City Chiefs – Jaelen Strong, WR, Arizona State: The receiving stats for the Chiefs as a team last season are just embarrassing. A receiver is needed here to help their offense improve going into next season. Strong will be the best option on the board for the Chiefs at pick 18.

19. Cleveland Browns – Cameron Erving, OL, Florida State: This might be a bit of a reach for Cleveland but they need help on the interior of their offensive line. Cameron Erving is one of the most intriguing prospects in this draft. At 6’5, Erving is huge but he is versatile enough to play all five positions on the offensive line. The Browns offensive line suffered mightily when they lost their starting Center to injury in the middle of the season. Taking Erving here would greatly help with depth on the offensive line and might provide a new starter.

20. Philadelphia Eagles – Landon Collins, S, Alabama: The Eagles are in need for a safety in the box to help in run support. Alabama’s Landon Collins would be perfect for this job. Collins doesn’t have the elite coverage skills for a safety but he loves to run down hill and make big hits at the strong safety position. Collins is clearly the best safety prospect in this draft and opponents won’t completely write off his skills as a pass defender.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Eric Kendricks, LB, UCLA: The Bengals need some defensive help at pick 21. Eric Kendricks is one of the top LB prospects in this draft. He has a great NFL pedigree and was an award winning player at UCLA. Kendricks is great at attacking ball carriers and offers decent coverage skills as well. He would be a great fit for Cincy’s 4-3 defense. He will compete with A.J. Hawk for a starting job.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers – Byron Jones, CB, Connecticut: The Steelers need to draft a replacement here for Ike Taylor or Troy Polamula. Since the best safety in the draft went earlier, I have the Steelers taking a flyer on Byron Jones. Jones is a high character prospect with great athletic ability. Jones lacks the top speed when compared to the other top corners in this draft but he makes up for that with his physical play in the passing game and in run support. Jones really made a name for himself at the combine but he is a lot more than just a workout wonder. Because of the current state of the Steelers secondary, Jones would be a starter on the first day of camp.

23. Detroit Lions – Malcolm Brown, DT, Texas: Considering that they lost Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley, a defensive tackle would be ideal for the Lions at pick 23. Malcolm Brown is a great prospect who would fit in a 3-4 or 4-3 defense. Brown has the beef that can help stuff the running game and he has a quick first step as an interior pass rusher. Teamed with Haloti Ngata, the Lions would have a pretty good duo in the middle of their defensive line.


Georgia’s Todd Gurley is the best running back in the 2015 Draft.

24. Arizona Cardinals – Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia: Todd Gurley has his injury concerns but he is easily the top running back in this draft. Arizona has one of the worst running attacks in football. The Cardinals were waiting for Andre Ellington to have a break out season but that has yet to happen. Drafting Gurley here would add a great punch to Arizona’s rushing attack. Gurley is a tough running between the tackles but he also has the elite speed to get away from defenders. Health is a concern but I think Arizona would be willing to take a chance with Gurley at pick 24.

25. Carolina Panthers – Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford: Cam Newton had a rough time with injuries in 2014. Should the Panthers really trust an aging Michael Oher as a starting tackle next season? Or what about Jonathan Martin? Carolina needs to get younger at the offensive tackle position and help protect their franchise QB. Andrew Peat is a tremendous athlete with a huge upside as a prospect. He could end up as a future left tackle for Carolina.

26. Baltimore Ravens – Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest: The Ravens need depth at the corner back position. They currently have a couple of talented players starting but they seem to be always injured. A lot of the draft experts are high on Wake Forest’s Kevin Johnson. He is one of the quickest players in this draft and he is a great defender of passes down the field. He is almost like a center fielder in the way to covers passes. My issue with Johnson is that he may need to become a bigger, more physical player to be a true difference maker in this league. Johnson may need some work but it could pay off in the end for this secondary.

27. Dallas Cowboys – Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE, UCLA: The Cowboys need major reinforcements on their defensive line especially at defensive end. This may be a bit of a reach at pick 27 but in this mock, Owamagbe Odighizuwa is the best pass rushing prospect available. Odighizuwa offers great pass rushing speed as an outside rusher but he is also big and physical enough to make plays along the line of scrimmage against the run. Dallas’ pass rush was such a bad joke in 2014. Odighizuwa will have a great chance of being a contributor early in his career.

28. Denver Broncos – D.J. Humphries, OT, Florida: Peyton Manning wasn’t sacked a lot last season but when he received a slight bump late in the season, it kind of wreck Denver’s title chances. The Broncos will go as far as Peyton will take them so Denver will need to draft for some depth on the offensive line. Humphries has been described as an “angry” blocker who is relentless at delivering blows to defenders.

29. Indianapolis Colts – Arik Armstead,DT, Oregon: Arik Armstead is one of the most unique prospects in this draft. Armstead is a tall but athletic defensive tackle who would fit perfectly in a 3-4 defensive scheme as a defensive end. Armstead’s size will make him hard to defend in passing situations but he is also big enough to help stuff the run. Because of his unique body type, he might need some time to develop but he could end up being a great selection late in the first round.

30. Green Bay Packers – Benardrick McKinney, LB, Mississippi State: The Packers need a run stuffing linebacker at pick 30. Benardrick McKinney is a huge athlete at LB who can fly around the field and make plays. He would be an upgrade from A.J. Hawk who now in Cincinnati.

31. New Orleans Saints – Maxx Williams, TE, Minnesota: I’m not sure why New Orleans traded away Jimmy Graham but they need to find his replacement. Max Williams out of Minnesota is a tall prospect with crazy good athleticism. He would develop into a great red zone target for Drew Brees. He doesn’t have the same elite speed as a Jimmy Graham but he can still get down the field and find a way open.

32. New England Patriots – Marcus Peters, CB, Washington: New England needs help in the secondary after losing Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner. Marcus Peters is probably one of the best corners in this draft but his “character issues” will cause him to drop down to New England at pick 32. Bill Bellichick seems to do well with getting players to buy into his system. Once Peters gets his act together, he will be called upon a lot in his rookie season. Peters is a fiery competitor with a chip on his shoulder. He was a great player in college because of his physicality and his play making ability. He has been compared to Aqib Talib.


33. Tennessee Titans – Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami (FL): Tennessee gave up a lot of sacks last season and they are trying to get younger at the offensive tackle position.

34. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jake Fisher, OT/OG, Oregon: After drafting their future franchise QB in the first round, Tampa would be wise to draft a young offensive lineman to help project that investment. Jake Fisher was great in college blocking for one of the top QB prospects in this draft.

35. Oakland Raiders – Preston Smith, DE, Mississippi State: I think that last year’s 1st round pick for Oakland, LB Khalil Mack, is going to end up as a really good player in this league. The only strange think about Oakland taking him last season is that he doesn’t fill the team’s need for a young pass rusher at the 4-3 defensive end. The Raiders are still in need for a younger pass rusher who fits their defensive scheme. Preston Smith from Mississippi State could be that player. He was a great contributor last season on one of the better defenses in college football.

36. Jacksonville Jaguars – Ronald Darby, CB, Florida State: Don’t let Ronald Darby’s size fool you. Darby is one of the shorter defensive backs in this draft but he plays big. A former track star, Darby offers elite speed in the secondary as a pass defender but he is also not afraid to stick his nose in there when it comes to attacking ball carriers. Darby plays with reckless abandon and he will be a hit for whoever ends up coaching him. Jacksonville could definitely use a guy with his talents.


Miami’s Phillip Dorsett runs like people are chasing him. Spoiler: they rarely catch him.

37. New York Jets – Phillip Dorsett, WR, Miami (FL): At the receiver position, the Jets currently have decent options outside with Eric Decker and newly acquired Brandon Marshall. Phillip Dorsett could be a guy that could fit perfectly in the slot in that offense and provide the QB with a quick, speedy target. Dorsett had a great career at Miami and his speed will make him well sought after in this draft.

38. Washington Redskins – Jalen Collins, CB, LSU: Why are the Redskins still employing DeAngelo Hall? Maybe he has some dirt on Dan Synder? Either way, Washington needs to draft his replacement. Collins has plenty of off the field “red flags” but he’s the best option left at corner in the mock draft.

39. Chicago Bears – Shaq Thompson, OLB, Washington: The Bears could land a nice steal here with the pick of Shaq Thompson. Thompson is a do-it-all type of prospect who is coming off a well decorated career at Washington. Thompson may need to gain some size to be a starting LB in this league but his speed and athleticism will make him a fit for Chicago’s 4-3 defense. Besides his skills a coverage LB, Thompson can also hit with the best of them.

40. New York Giants – Eddie Goldman, DT, Florida State: The Giants were really bad at defending the run last season. Eddie Goldman doesn’t really fit in the Giants’ defensive scheme but they need guys to help clog up the middle. Goldman is huge and can dominate the “A” gap consistently.

41. St. Louis Rams – A.J. Cann, OG, South Carolina: The Rams have some talented running backs already. They just need some help breaking out. A.J. Cann is probably the best “pure” offensive guard in this draft. I mean “pure” as in he strictly played that position at South Carolina.

42. Atlanta Falcons – Eric Rowe, CB, Utah: The Falcons had the worst pass defense in the league last season. Eric Rowe could play both cornerback and safety. This usually means that he lacks the speed to stay at CB. But he is a physical, smart play maker who would bring depth to Atlanta’s secondary.

43. Cleveland Browns – Nelson Agholor, WR, USC: Nelson Agholor is a true sleeper in this draft. The scouts really love his speed after the catch but he also has decent size for a receiver. He might start out as an option in the slot but he could develop into a starter.

44. New Orleans Saints – Jordan Phillips, DT, Oklahoma: The Saints need plenty of help on defense. After taking one of the best pass rushers with their first pick, they can draft a true run stuffer in Jordan Phillips with this pick.

45. Minnesota Vikings – Paul Dawson, LB, TCU: The Vikings need some help with defending the run. Paul Dawson is an active inside linebacker who can make plays from sideline to sideline.

46. San Francisco 49ers – Carl Davis, DT, Iowa: The 49ers lost basically all of their best run defenders in the offseason. Carl Davis is a huge disruptor on the defensive line that could play DE in a 3-4 scheme or as a nose tackle. Davis has plenty of size but is surprising athletic. The 49ers might target him to replace the aging Justin Smith.

47. Miami Dolphins – Laken Tomlinson, OG, Duke: I have the Dolphins passing on a running back here? I’m not sure if I can even believe that will happen. But they have so much faith in Lamar Miller who has only started the scratch the surface of his potential. Drafting an interior run blocker here could really help their current RB’s.

48. San Diego Chargers – Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin: Melvin Gordon’s free fall stops here with the San Diego Chargers. I’m not real high on Gordon and I’ll tell you why. He has an impressive college resume but he logged a lot of carries already in his career. I don’t think his speed will translate well in the pros. He runs around defenders a lot. Plus, Wisconsin has a rep of having impressive RB prospects who don’t live up to the hype in the NFL. However, the Chargers will have a need for a ball carrier in the 2nd round. Gordon will have a lot to prove as a rookie.

49. Kansas City Chiefs – Trey Flowers, DE, Arkansas: The Chiefs were another team that suffered at stopping the run. They need more depth on their defensive line.

50. Buffalo Bills – Stephone Anthony, LB, Clemson: This is the first draft pick in Buffalo’s Rex Ryan era. The Bills need a replacement for LB Brandon Spikes and it is not a secret that Coach Ryan is a huge fan of Clemson. Stephen Anthony is one of the better LB prospects in the draft. His size make him ideal for a 4-3 defense. But he also has great instincts. He could become a future play maker in Rex Ryan’s defense.

51. Houston Texans – Quinten Rollins, CB, Miami (OH): Houston’s secondary is aging and they need to get younger.

52. Philadelphia Eagles – Tre Jackson, OG, Florida State: If you look at Philadelphia’s QB situation, you would think that they are planning to be a heavy running team on offense this season. The pick of Tre Jackson would help them sure up the interior of their offensive line.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Virginia

Virginia’s Eli Harold could help Cincinnati upgrade their pass rush from the edge.

53. Cincinnati Bengals – Eli Harold, OLB/DE, Virginia: The Bengals need serious help with their pass rush. Eli Harold might need some time to adjust to playing in a 4-3 defense but he is the best pass rusher available in this mock draft. Harold has a ton of talent and he really excels at getting around tackles and pressuring the QB.

54. Detroit Lions – T.J. Clemmings, OT, Pitt: The Lions need to get Matt Stafford some more protection. T.J. Clemens has some injury concerns but the pro scouts have been raving about him since the draft process has started. Once he gets healthy, he will most definitely develop into a starter in this league.

55. Arizona Cardinals – P.J. Williams, CB, Florida State: Arizona’s secondary was a weak point on their defense last season. They can replace Antonio Cromartie with this draft pick. P.J. Williams has tons of talent and ability but he is one of those prospects with “character issues”. There are a lot of veteran leaders on this team that could help Williams develop into a decent pro player.

56. Pittsburgh Steelers – Danielle Hunter, OLB, LSU: The Steelers caught lightning in a bottle last season with the way James Harrison performed. Can they count on him to do so again? Either way, Pittsburgh needs to find a younger pass rusher especially since Jason Worilds retired. Danielle Hunter is an ideal pass rusher for a 3-4 defense. If he can gain a nasty edge and attitude, he could be great addition to this defense.

57. Carolina Panthers – Ameer Abdullah, RB, Nebraska: I like Ameer Abdullah as a pro prospect better than Melvin Gordon. Amber is a lot smaller but he is that much tougher. Abdullah has great speed but it is his toughness that puts him ahead of Gordon in my book. Abdullah would be a great addition paired with Jonathan Stewart in Carolina.

58. Baltimore Ravens – Devin Smith, WR, Ohio State: Joe Flacco would be the perfect QB for Devin Smith. Smith is outside speedster who loves to go deep. Flacco loves to throw deep. Plus, Steve Smith would be a great mentor for Devin.


Playing with Peyton Manning could really bring the best out of Michigan’s Devin Funchess.

59. Denver Broncos – Devin Funchess, TE, Michigan: Two receiving Devin’s in a row in my mock draft. Devin Funchess isn’t quite fast enough to be a receiver in the NFL but his great size would make him an ideal TE. Making the transition from WR to TE might be tough but because of his versatility, he could develop into a matchup nightmare for defenses. Peyton Manning would definitely welcome Funchess as a replacement for Julius Thomas.

60. Dallas Cowboys – Michael Bennett, DT, Ohio State: I’ll say it again: Dallas need major reinforcements on their defensive line. Michael Bennett would be a perfect fit for Rod Marinelli’s 4-3 defense. Bennett is a disruptor who is powerful enough to push the pocket and attack the gaps as a defensive tackle.

61. Indianapolis Colts – Damarious Randall, S, Arizona State: The Colts need help at the safety position. Damarious Randall is a name that is starting to gain some attention recently. He is a recently converted WR to Safety but he made that transition well at Arizona State. Randall has great speed and can really make a difference once he has the ball in his hands.

62. Green Bay Packers – Grady Jarrett, DT, Clemson: Clemson has quite a few defensive prospects in this draft that could go in the first 2 rounds. Grady Jarrett was a difference maker on the defensive line in his college career. Green Bay could take him for some much needed depth in the bottom of the 2nd round.

63. Seattle Seahawks – Hroniss Grasu, C, Oregon: This is Seattle’s first pick in the draft because they traded their first rounder and their starting Center for Jimmy Graham. With this pick, they can find a new starting Center. Horns Grasu is from near by Oregon and would be a day one starter for Russell Wilson’s offensive line.

64. New England Patriots – Tevin Coleman, RB, Indiana: The Patriots haven’t really coveted running backs in the Bill Bellichick era. But concerning that they lost two RB’s in free agency and LaGarrette Blount is scheduled to miss the start of the season, the Pats might find the need to take a RB with the last pick in the 2nd round. Tevin Coleman was highly productive last year at Indiana. I’m not a real fan of his “up-right” running style but his stock is starting the raise up a bit after an impressive pro day showing. Coleman may be a lot quicker than expected. He would find a role within this offense.